About Us

Sampad, an independent (100% self-funded) game development company, was founded in 2003 with the sole mission -to bring fun to millions of our players worldwide by creating unique games. Growing steadily since then, Sampad’s success has come from supporting each of our members’ unique skills to produce fascinating, whimsical and original games.

The company has established itself as the high quality game developer in Eastern Europe. Its superior titles include The Island: Castaway 2, The Island: Castaway, Astro Avenger 2, Astro Avenger, World Voyage,Inca Ball , which have delighted millions of families across the world. Our games are available at retail in over 40 countries and have been localized into a dozen languages;

We are focused on games for mobile devices (namely, iPhone/iPod touch, iPad and Android) and downloadable games for PC and Mac.

Sampad closely cooperates with the leading casual games distributors of the United States and Europe. The company offers premium casual content and is always open to partnership and new distribution opportunities.